Snowrobics in Dubai

Snowrobics is an extreme circuit training class to burn fat and build muscle for women and men held in sub-zero temperatures inside Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates.

Do you hate breaking out into a sweat when working out?  Well, that will no longer be an issue if you enroll at one of the most innovative workouts in Dubai-snowrobics.  Guaranteed to keep you cold, this is an extreme circuit training class that can whip you into shape in no time at all.  Known to burn fat and build muscle while building up the overall fitness level, Snowrobics is designed for both women and men.

Working out in cold, arctic temperatures is a proved way to help shed those stubborn fat and to get the adrenaline flowing.  The class promises to  help lose anywhere between 8-20 lbs depending on your body type and weight in just 4 weeks of training.  For best results the 45-minute session is meant to be taken 3-times a week.  The trainers also give personalized nutritional advice which helps in further reducing weight at a quicker pace.

Obviously, this is a more extreme type measure when it comes to losing weight as freezing temperatures is now appealing for everyone.  A single session is priced at 80 AED per person.

Snowrobics Classes are held every Sunday and Tuesday at 7 pm (45 minutes each) inside Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates.
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©Image: Ski Dubai

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