Bungalo34 at Pearl Jumeirah is hosting a fun fashion-meets-food collaboration with Ferragamo.

Bungalo34 is the first beachside dining concept by restaurateur Natasha Sideris (famous for tashas and Flamingo Room) is definitely one of the coolest spots in Dubai right now! Don’t let the secluded location on Pearl Jumeirah Island discourage you from heading there-in fact that is what makes the place so blissfully calm and unique. 

Inspired by Natasha’s haven hideaway in the Mediterranean Riviera, this venue revisits a golden era of rivieras design and atmosphere through the sophisticated decor and interior – a throwback to the effortless glamour of a bygone era. Bungalo34 represents an intimate beach dining experience, honoring the tradition of long lunches with friends and family, serving classic Mediterranean cuisine from breakfast to dinner. Stepping through its doors, you are immediately transported into holiday-mode! 

Currently they have a fun new collaboration with Ferragamo, the iconic Italian luxury brand to mark the first takeover collaboration in the Middle East. This partnership has transformed Bungalo34 into a luxurious pop-up experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a fusion of fashion, culinary mastery, and refined sophistication.

For the collaboration the team has curated an à la carte menu inspired by Ferragamo’s family heritage recipes and features thirteen new, flavourful dishes that reflect the essence of leisurely Mediterranean dining. The choices include nostalgia-inducing Ferragamo Pizzette, featuring a harmonious blend of meat ragu and creamy burrata, the Seabass Fillet delicately infused with olives and anchovy, and Grandma Carla’s Apple Cake, a reimagined beloved recipe that embodies the warmth and comfort of favourite Italian classics. Each dish on the curated menu is a testament to Italian culinary tradition, reimagined with a modern flair that is sure to captivate the senses and satisfy even the most discerning palates.

The Spinach Arancino is a hearty and wholesome starter that is exploding with flavour and we literally can’t stop thinking about it. The Artichoke Lasagne is an absolute showstopper-the taste is fantastic as is the presentation in a dazzling ceramic bowl with vivid lemon patterns. The delicately grilled Seabass Fillet is light but filling one of the signature dishes and should not be missed!

This collaboration between Ferragamo and Bungalo34 is a sensory experience that perfectly showcases innovation in fashion and food in an enchanting setting. It is a fabulous fashion-meets-food collaboration we never imagined could work be so effortlessly chic!

Visit Ferragamo’s takeover at Bungalo34 from April 16th to embark on a journey of style and elegance.

Pearl Jumeira Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai – Jumeirah 1 

 +971 4 238 1780



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