massage against cellulite
massage against cellulite

Maderotherapy is a natural and non-invasive massage technique from Colombia.

When Cyan Wellness recommends a treatment we are always eager to give it a try. The at-home luxury wellness service recently booked us in for their Maderotherapy massage and although we had heard about it, this is the first time we were going to try it out.

The therapist arrived on time and was quick to transform the room into a zen spa environment with candles, oils and flowers. Then my eyes fell upon a tray with wooden tools that was a bit disconcerting but the therapist was quick to explain they were not as intimidating as they looked.

Originating from Colombia this natural technique helps slim and tone the body and also rejuvenate the spirit. A non-invasive treatment, it uses these wooden tools to help contour and stimulate the body, reducing cellulite and firm the skin.

These wooden instruments come in different shapes and are used to apply pressure on cellulite to remove stubborn fat deposits and toxins. A very specific set of movements is repeated across the legs, arms and stomach using these wooden instruments. These special movements help to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and release it from all the accumulated toxins.

The massage helps to burn the far, decrease cellulite, eliminate water retention and help firm and shape the body. One treatment is not enough and in order to see real result multiple treatments are needed.

If you are serious about getting rid of the cellulite then book yourself a few sessions of maderotherapy.

Maderotherapy Massage in Dubai can be booked with Cyan Wellness.


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