Healing Boreh Wrap Ritual is a traditional treatment to balance the body, improve circulation, relax muscles, and get rid of aches and pains.

We recently tried the famous Healing Balinese Boreh Wrap Treatment by Balinese Touch. This ancient treatment was created centuries ago by rice field workers in Bali who needed to relieve the body aches and lower back pain after spending long days working in the fields. Boreh is derived from all natural spices and herbs creating a remedy for the pain relief.

The combination of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, rice powder and other sacred herbs are ground and formed into a paste that is applied on the body areas that are experiencing pain and muscle tightness, such as back, shoulders, abdomen, and legs.

This ancient technique is believed to provide relief from muscle pain, premenstrual cramps, joint pain and is great tool for fighting chills and colds as well as promotes healthy blood and lymph circulation and overall immunity booster. Boreh is also known to help with treating rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Done in the comfort of our home by the highly trained therapist, rest assured they will be using the highest quality, all natural, blend of spices imported directly from Bali. The Boreh paste is made by a family of healers using their secret additional blend of herbs added to the traditional mix of spices to offer you an unmatched healing property of this ancient technique.

This ritual began with an  initial consultation with the Massage Therapist to identify areas of focus for applying Boreh wrap (it can be full body wrap, if requested). While the body was fully immersed into the heating properties of the wrap, I was treated to a very relaxing head massage and I did snooze off during it.
Once the 30 minutes were over it was time to shower and wash off the paste from the body, followed by a 45 minute massage to further stimulate the heated muscle tissues.
This amazing healing ritual is one that I plan to incorporate into my regular practice of taking care of your mind and body wellbeing.
The Healing Boreh Wrap Ritual is priced and AED 550 for 90 Minutes.

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