Isla Vera is an on-demand luxury spa service.

Whenever we feel exhausted and want to treat ourselves to a massage, we book an appointment with Isla Vera, an at-home luxury massage service based in Dubai. Their reliable booking agent is always efficient and books us right in and as always the therapist arrives right on time and her calm aura instantly makes us comfortable.

We having been requesting the lovely therapist Helen, who is not just a trained masseuse, but she has also studied about it and has a deeper understanding. This was obvious during the massage, when she was able to work on specific problem areas and really work her magic to get rid of the aches and pains.

Their massage bed is exactly like the one you would find in a high-end spa as was the rest of the setup which included plush towels, luxe sheets, candles and music. There is an option of oils to pick from and we love that it not only smells great but absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling moisturized and hydrated.

The 60-minute signature massage we picked this time was a combination of deep strokes, stretching and working on the pressure points. It is ideal for anyone who needs to just get rid of a few knots and also really feel relaxed and refreshed.

Isla Vera offers a variety of different massages including authentic Balinese, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Reflexology, Swedish, Thai and Pre Natal.



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