Where to enjoy best Mexican soul food in Dubai.

We have been hearing about Maiz Tacos for the last few years and are seriously annoyed that we didn’t head there sooner. Tucked away in JLT, this taqueria is a canteen style eatery that pays homage to Mexican cuisine and culture. The décor has a cozy and inviting vibe with little details that pay homage to the county.

The menu features Mexican soul food classics like tacos, burritos and quesadillas along with rice bowls and much more.

We began with Chilli Con Carne served on a bed of nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. A lavish dish, it was not only indulgent but really hard to stop eating! After devouring most of it, we had to push the tray away or else we won’t have been able to eat the rest of the food.

The Birria Taco is a must-try as we haven’t seen it on a menu in Dubai before. A classic when it comes to the epitome of Mexican street food, the dish originates from the state of Jalisco, Maiz Tacos keeps it traditional. A meal on its own the slow cooked beef is packed tightly with cheese inside the taco shell and toasted giving it the perfect crunchy snap. Served with beef broth on the side to dip. This dish was an absolute winner and we seriously can’t stop thinking about it.

The Pollo Burrito is a great one to try, It is made with grilled chicken breast and Mexican fried rice along with pico de Gallo,  and of course, guacamole topped with sour cream and queso.

It is mandatory to leave space for the Churros that come with a side of lotus or Nutella dip. Piping hot churros covered in sugar, they have a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Personally, we don’t think the dip is even needed because they taste so good on their own.

Maiz Taco also caters and they have recently introduced the first ever Mexican Grazing BoardWe know what you’re thinking, grazing boards are everywhere – well, all over Instagram mainly. And they’re usually packed with cheese, fruit and sweets. But Maiz Tacos offers a whole new twist with an epic two ​meters of mouth-watering Mexican food, beautifully presented on wooden boards provided by them. PLUS a private chef to wow your guests AND decorations to dress your table including Instagrammable greenery and fruit as well as table cloths to make sure you’ve got a picture-perfect set up. You won’t have to lift a finger. Maiz will bring the party, you just need to show up.

The price for 16-18 people is a very reasonable 2900 AED but get in touch to find out the options for your next shindig however big or small.

So, if you’re wondering what to do for your birthday this year or how to cater for your next house party – Maiz Tacos has got the perfect solution to make your gatherings fun, relaxed and oh so tasty!

Maiz Tacos is located in Cluster Y, JLT

+971 50 151 7665.

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