Caro at Fairmont Dubai offers premium cut meats with mouth-watering sides in a sophisticated setting.

Nestled within the five-star Fairmont Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, CARO is the latest steak restaurant that we have discovered and can’t stop raving about. Offering a fine dining experience that has been carefully curated by Chef Carson Hill, the menu boasts a symphony of unparalleled flavours, featuring premium steaks from all over the world and the finest seafood.
The decor is tastefully done and echoes that old-world charm from vintage renaissance glassware to bespoke cutlery. There are round tables dotted around or then long leather banquet seating to choose from-both are comfortable yet stylish.
The bread basket was presented to us shortly after we were seated and the delicious warm brioche buns distracted us from even looking at the menu immediately.
Once we finally put in our order, the table quickly filled up. We started with the devilled lamb kidneys-marinated with tomato and crispy tarragon they were presented on a slice of sourdough. This dish had an earthy richness and definitely a must-try if you enjoy this particular delicacy or then want to try it for the first time.
We paired this with a simple yet refreshing Waldorf salad where the dressing didn’t overpower and there was just the right amount of crunch to the celery and apple.
Although there are so many tempting seafood and meat main dishes on the menu, it was the venue’s exclusive ‘Steak Bible’ – a comprehensive guide that reveals the origins, cuts, and distinct flavours of each creation, hailing from Japan, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Britain and the USA, that we picked our mains from.

In the skilled hands of the culinary team, every steak undergoes a tantalizing transformation through CARO’s unique alchemy – a process that involves a combination of in-house dry aging and a Josper oven finale, expertly sealing in natural juices and infusing an irresistible smoky flavor.

Straight from the heart of the chamber we savoured the thirty-Day Dry-Aged Canadian Grass-Fed Filet AAA, expertly fired over the Josper grill to exquisite tenderness. Paired with the signature tripled-cooked fries and sweet potato mash side dishes.

The Japanese Wagyu steak was perfectly tender and melting in the mouth-it paired exquisitely well with the chimichurri sauce.

We rounded the meal with a wholesome but decadent apple crumble creme brûlée served with baked vanilla cream, stewed apples, and a crispy sugar top.

The cuisine at Caro is tailored to bring you on a culinary adventure that showcases the world’s most exquisite steaks.

CARO is located at Fairmont Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road


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