SushiYaki is a buzzing new spot located in Madinat Jumeirah.

We are so excited to rediscover Madinat Jumeirah-a place that was our go-to many moons ago and now we are back to exploring it on a regular basis. The dining options are stellar and the latest spot we tried is SushiYaki-renowned for its exquisite sushi and irresistible yakitori, it stands at the helm of contemporary Japanese culinary artistry.

More than just a dining venue, the concept of the restaurant represents a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, elevating the Sushiyaki experience. With gorgeous outdoor seating, the view is unmatched and magical. Meanwhile indoors the mood is more romantic and the decor is cozy.

SushiYaki is all about presenting balanced flavours of fresh, seasonal ingredients. We began with the salmon tuna taco that packed a punch with the citrus seasoning. This was followed with the yellowfin tuna which was definitely one of the highlights of the night-both visually and in taste.

Once the table was cleared of these initial starters, we were not prepared for what came next. The sushi platter offering was playful yet artful. We were presented with a ship-like wooden platter decorated with flowers and filled colourful maki rolls filled with melt-in your mouth wagyu, o-tor, standout bluefin tuna and of course, fiery soft-shell crab.

These inventive bite-sized pieces showcased true Japanese artistry making them not only delectable but also stunning to the eye. Some of the combinations were untraditional but our tastebuds were truly inspired. These maki rolls sharing platters had us salivating, and trust us you will leave here wanting to come back for more!

From the yakitori grill offerings we picked the sticky chicken thighs and the simple yet healthy asparagus to balance them off and then finally, we couldn’t resist the delicately cooked black cod. The side of crispy corn dipped in a sweet chilli sauce was the perfect way to end this fantastic culinary treat.

The exquisite food at SushiYaki isn’t just made to be eaten, it’s also a form of art that must be appreciated!

SushiYaki is located at Madinat Jumeirah. 


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