Check out this free online cookbook in English with healthy Iftar recipes to break your fast this Ramadan.

For those that are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan this year it is imperative that you eat a nutritious and healthy meal while breaking the fast at Iftar.

We have found a wonderful online cookbook that is completely free of cost filled with dedicated recipes ideal for those breaking their fast.

Available in English, all you have to do is check this page to gain instant access to delicious recipes from around the world. We are particularly excited to try the Betinjan salad, Watermelon and Feta Salad and date balls.

Divided into different sections there is a list of hearty soups, appetizing starters, wholesome mains and desserts. There is enough variety to ensure that you can try a new recipe for the entire month and the instructions are easy to understand.

The cookbook is a wonderful local initiative to beat diabetes and eat healthy this Ramadan.  The perfect resource to ensure the entire family eats an easy to prepare but tasty and nutritious meal while breaking the fast at Iftar.

Healthy Iftar recipes

Credit Image: Beat Diabetes Eat Healthy

Healthy Iftar Recipes

To download the healthy iftar recipes click on the link below

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