baobab powder

Baobab Powder is a Superfruit native to Africa that you want to add to your diet.

Ever heard of Baobab?  Originating from Africa, this ancient Superfruit has been grown there for centuries and is best known for its medicinal properties.  Commonly known in the continent as the ‘upside-down tree’ it has many myths based around it.  One of the most famous stories claims that the odd shape of the tree is because the gods grew angry with it and made it upside-down.

Packed with antioxidants Baobab fruit is a hard green pod that when opened contains a snowy white powdery like slim fruit that the National Geographic claims “contains six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and plenty of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and antioxidants.”

High in protein and carbohydrates the tangy-sweet tasting fruit has been consumed for hundreds of years in many different manners.  It has either been mixed into food and porridge or then added to water and made into a lemonade-style drink and the seeds are often roasted into coffee. The oil extracted from the fruit is also famous for its healing properties. The powder from the skinny watermelon resembling fruit is similar to cornstarch and when mixed in a liquid has the ability to act like a thickening agent.

How to consume Baobab Powder?

Ok, so we know this is a Superfruit that is one of the most nutritious in the world and is a must-add to the diet.  The good news is that have discovered the Baobab Powder right here in Dubai.

In order to add Baobab Powder to your diet here are some ideas:

Add it to your breakfast porridge or oatmeal

Add it to your protein shake, smoothies or fruit juice

Add it to a glass of water

Add it to any homemade sauce or marinade

Add it to pancake and waffle batter

Organic Baobab Powder by Kiki Health

Shop the Baobab Powder available below for around 50 AED 

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