Indulge in serenity at the Rayya Wellness Spa on Palm Jumeirah. 

Rayya Wellness Spa is nestled at The Retreat Palm Dubai. The holistic wellbeing resort is the region’s first 5-star family-friendly wellness resort and the spa here offers locally inspired treatments celebrate nature’s essence. As you walk through the doors, it is time to surrender to opulent pampering and let the skilled therapists blend tradition and technology. Offering an oasis of personalised wellness, the focus is to deliver tranquility and vitality

Embracing the purity of nature,  the spa offers organic, toxin-free elixirs, ensuring the journey towards wellness is as wholesome as it is gratifying.

The curated spa treatments are a symphony of natural indulgence, meticulously designed to rebalance, rejuvenate, and soothe. From head to toe, the therapies and rituals are a celebration of boundless bliss, a testament to the artistry of well-being.

I tried the 60-minute Orange Blossom massage. This massage is not on an ordinary massage bed-in fact you lie on a temperature controlled bed of sand that is covered with a simple sheet. There is something very grounding about lying on top of the stones and definitely an experience that more spas should adopt! The uneven texture of the sand along with the sound of the waves crashing outside-it completely felt like I was on the beach.

The mellow orange blossom oil has a subtle scent and a light texture-which instantly drew me towards it. The therapist mixed a range of different techniques-from shiatsu to lymphatic she spent an hour working on my knots and tight muscles. The face and head massage were truly relaxing and really helped ease the tension across my jaw.

The treatment ended with some light stretching moves really helped open my shoulders and I found myself not pushing them up towards my ears for the rest of the day.

The spa is fully equipped with a sauna and steam room that they encourage you to use before and after the treatment.

Rayya Spa offers bespoke spa journeys that go beyond relaxation.

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