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Definition of LAGOM

How to adopt a Lagom inspired lifestyle.

“Not too much, not too little” is the direct translation of Lagom.  This Swedish term pronounced “LAA-Gom” is a way of life that the Swedes live by and is now gaining popularity around the world.

What is Lagom?

Lagom is all about living a life of moderation, without overdoing anything.  It applies to everything in life including the way you eat, live, shop and work.

Learn more about Lagom

Lagom can be applied to anything and everything within our lifestyle.  You can start by reading The Lagom Life Swedish Lifestyle Book by Elizabeth Carlsson.  A short and easy read, it is the ultimate guide to living a healthy and harmonious Lagom lifestyle.  To buy it now, click here.

How to live a Lagom Lifestyle

Here are a few simple ways in which you can incorporate Lagom into your daily life.

⇒ Capsule Wardrobe

capsule Wardrobe

Organize your closet by streamlining it and keeping key pieces that you won’t go out of fashion once the season changes.  This will help you declutter and also make picking outfits much easier.

To get started click here

⇒ Eat Better

The Lagom Swedish Cookbook

Give up unhealthy eating habits and start eating a healthier and more balanced diet.  This Lagom cookbook can help you get inspired for delicious and healthy recipes.

Buy it now 

⇒ Declutter

Transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space with the incredible KonMari Method.

To get started click here

⇒ Organize

Paulette et Simone Clutch Olympe

Organize your life by starting a Bullet Journal.  This simple notebook will become your ultimate to do list and calendar and help you make sure you don’t overcommit.

To get started click here

⇒ Save Energy

Switch to LED lighting as it saves more energy, is more affordable and lasts longer.

To start shopping click here

⇒ Grow Veggies

Grow your own vegetables as it is a more efficient and affordable way of living.  Oh, and your food will also taste better!

To get started on your home garden click here

⇒ Recycle Waste


Do your little bit to save the environment and start recycling your waste by turning it into compost.  A simple method, you can do it at home!

For details click here

If you need more inspiration, we recommend you join the IKEA Lagom initiative.  The Lagom Community can help you learn ways to save energy and water, reduce waste and promote a healthy lifestyle.

To get more details click here

Watch this video where they explain Lagom:

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