Kibsons Online ordering

Kibsons offers fresh groceries home delivery service through sustainable practices. 

Do you find yourself constantly running to the supermarket for groceries? Our life has quite literally changed since we discovered Kibsons, an online home delivery service for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and other all the other pantry essentials we need. It is all freshly handpicked and delivered from the market to you at wholesale prices.

All you have to do is simply register your details and get shopping! The selection includes organic produce, locally grown items, bulk buying and even imperfect veggies. Neatly divided into different categories, the website is very easy to navigate.

Apart from the fruit, veg and meat, there is also the bakery section that carries sourdough bread from our favourite Baker’s Kitchen. In the dairy, we can buy everything from Almond and Oat milk to yogurt for kids. The pantry is extensive and offers organic eggs, pasta, spices, oils and much more. Thankfully, we no longer need to carry fresh coconuts home, as they are also available online. Oh, and they have the freshest and in our opinion the most affordable flowers selection.

If you are always vary of the meat, the meat on they sell is 100% natural and healthy with no hormones additives or artificial preservatives, you can rest assured you are feeding yourself and your family the very best.

Once you add all the items to the cart you can pick the different payment options that include cash on delivery or then online card payment. You can also choose the delivery date and time. As regular users of Kibsons, we appreciate the efficieny with which they operate-the whole process is seamless and the delivery is always on time. At checkout they also ask what time of packaging we prefer and give eco-friendly bag options-they also take their big delivery box back for recycling. Best of all, the prices are also more competitive and some of the items are relatively cheaper.

Seven years since launching their renowned home delivery services, Kibsons has taken steps as part of its Kibsons Cares initiative to reduce its carbon footprint, and continues to improve its achievements towards their own environmental impact goals:

  • SOLAR: A 50% reduction in electricity use. Spanning over the Kibsons 13,000 metre facility, electricity consumption is reduced by 25% on average annually; with 50% in winter months.


  • WATER: 75% of water reused. The Kibsons water recycling plant is on track to recycle more than 75% of the water used to keep the demanding cold storage facility up and running. Did you know that by filtering and purifying the water utilised, Kibsons can save 1,000,000 gallons of water annually?


  • WASTE: 100% organic waste composted. Kibsons organic waste composting plant converts their biodegradable waste material into high-quality organic compost and contributes to reducing their carbon footprint towards landfills wherever possible – producing half a ton of recycled compost per month!


  • RECYCLE: 90% of plastic and paper is recycled by Kibsons. More than 90% of all plastic at the Kibsons facility is recycled.

Kibsons collects the delivery boxes back from customers’ homes, which are then sanitized at the facility and reused to prevent packaging wastage. Customers can request a pick-up of their boxes through the Kibsons app. Kibsons were the first company in the UAE to swap over to paper-based packaging and enable consumers to choose a ‘no packaging’ delivery option when they shop. Kibsons offer their customers the option of having their items packed in eco-friendly recyclable paper bags or packed without bags where possible.

To further prevent food waste, Kibsons offer an ‘ugly but tasty’ range of fruits and vegetables which allows customers to purchase imperfect or nearing-expiration produce at a discounted rate.

So, whether you are a fan of eating healthy and clean, or just struggling to find the time to pace the local supermarket aisles, Kibsons is the one to bookmark.


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