Try you hand at Swing Yoga in Dubai at Voyoga Studio.

Swing Yoga is a workout that continues to create a buzz around the world.  We recently booked ourselves in for a Swing Yoga session at Voyoga in Barsha Heights.

An invigorating class, it is ideal for beginners or regular yogis.  The gravotonics swing is comfortable and easy to use.  The instructor begins the class with a quick overview of the equipment and how to adjust it at varying heights for the different positions. There is the hammock. handles and grips that will help you achieve a variety of postures, angles, movement or stretch without putting too much pressure on the joints.

After a warmup, we went on to trying the different vertical to horizontal and inversion techniques and the instructor was mindful to give us different alternatives in case we didn’t feel comfortable with a certain position.

The inversions (hanging upside down) can prove to be challenging initially but the instructor talked us through the process and we quickly got the ‘hang’ (no pun intended!) of it.

Swing Yoga is a therapeutic practice that will help you make the core stronger and improve overall balance, flexibility and endurance.

Overall, the entire experience was fun, relaxing and invigorating.

Swing Yoga is available at Voyoga at i-Rise Tower, Barsha Heights


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