Gotta Go App

Get out of any sticky social situation instantly!

Comedian Chelsea Handler has created an App that lets you arrange a fake text message or call that will give you an excuse to get out of whatever awkward situation you might be in.

Traditionally you would rely on your friends, banking that they come through with that emergency call or text, aiding in your somewhat guilt-free getaway. However, let’s be honest, it has never been a reliable system, especially if you lack creative friends with creative excuses. So whether it’s a disastrous date or a boring meeting, Gotta Go will come up with a witty reason why you need to leave.

All you have to do is set up an excuse in the app, which come in the form of calls or texts, and then schedule when you want them to activate to get you out of a pickle. You can even set up the person that the call or text comes from to make it more believable, and the app lets you set a color and emoji for the excuse, giving you a few preset options.

The App is available now for free on iOS via the App store

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