pilates class in dubai

Book yourself in for a private pilates class in Dubai at the Rye Life.

Whether you are looking to change your fitness routine, suffering from aches and pains, recovering from a serious injury, or simply prefer the individual attention, a private pilates class will help achieve your goals.  We were recently invited to try a session at The Rye Life studio in Dubai.

The cozy studio is fully equipped with state of the art pilates equipment including reformer, Cadillac, large barrel with ladder, spine corrector and chair.  The instructor Dr Daamini, hails from Cardiff School of Medicine in the UK and having trained in Surgery, General Medicine and Accident & Emergency medicine.  During some turbulent professional and personal times, Daamini turned to health and fitness, initially as a distraction, and later found her solace there. Fast-forward 3 years and today she juggles her time between handling PR & Marketing, writing columns for a health & fitness column in a leading magazine publication and a full-fledged Pilates instructor with a focus in therapeutic Pilates.

The Rye Life studio offers private sessions with Dr Daamini, that are tailor-made to your personal bodily needs and preferences.  The class is focused on not only get fit and toned but to also restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles and fascia around the joints.

The private session provides a more effective experience and will help you sculpt your body whilst getting rid of any aches and pains you may suffer from.

The Rye Life is ideal for those who want to focus on straightening their core, improving their posture and increasing their flexibility.

Each session lasts an hour and we left our first class a lot more aware of our own body.

The Rye Life Pilates Class in Dubai is located in Downtown Dubai and can be booked by calling +971567025656.  A single session is priced at 350 AED and class of 5 is priced at 1500 AED.


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