Tresind Dubai

Tresind is a modernist Indian fine dining restaurant that uses the molecular gastronomy style of cooking.

When it comes to Indian food we are very familiar with the dishes and flavours from across the country.  But our invitation to experience Tresind even had us a little confused.  This latest restaurant in Dubai marries a progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine. Executive Chef Himanshu Saini brings a unique concept in molecular gastronomy to Dubai for the very first time.

The meal began with a pani puri amuse bouche-the chef had taken one of the most popular indian snack foods and used the molecular magic to create a jelly like texture that exploded in our mouths and left a rather sharp but delicious after taste.

Next came the much-talked about modernist chaat platter (see photo above), a savoury street food it is made up of different elements including yogurt, tamarind and gram flour.  An amazing sight to watch as the server expertly prepared this simple dish in a rather artistic manner using liquid nitrogen.  The dish had the right balance of sweet, spicy and crunchy and was a delight to eat.

The mushroom tea was served followed the formal tea ritual and we watched as dried mushrooms and broth were added into a small cup.  We personally adored the rich texture and heavenly smell of truffles.

tresind 2The pan-seared scallops served with peanut saalan and jordan chillies and braised lamb chops with aam chutney were all rich in texture and exploding with taste.

tresind3We absolutely adored the dessert-a fun take on kulfi, it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and had just the right amount of crunch.

Tresind uses avant-garde cooking techniques to serve a multi-course meal of beautifully presented plates.  Although molecular gastronomy is a controversial food trend, the theatric extravaganza at Tresind is impressive and worth experiencing at least once.

The Chefs tasting menu 325 AED (veg), 365 AED (non-veg)

Radisson Royal Hotel, Dubai

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