Bone Broth

Everything you want to know about why bone broth is good for our health

When we hear the words bone broth we are immediately transported back to our childhood and that distinct aroma filling the kitchen while it simmered over the stove for hours and hours

Now in 2016, this mineral-rich soup, that has been around for eons is making a huge comeback and is part of the latest food trend du jour. Everybody from celebrities to dieticians and fitness gurus seems to be embracing the latest bone broth trend.

So, why exactly is it being hailed as the latest miracle drink? Rich in proteins and minerals, bone broth is said to help with digestion issues, allergies thanks to the gelatin inside the bone broth. Rich in collagen, it may also help to strengthen the hair, nails or smoothen the skin.

Bone broth actually be enjoyed anytime: sip it at home in a mug as an alternative to your endless cups of tea, used as a base for a hearty soup at dinnertime and it even seems some have decided to switch to in the mornings as an alternative to coffee (as it was once a breakfast staple centuries ago). They say if you drink a minimum of two cups a day of it and eat a healthy, low-calorie diet you could also lose some weight.

Bone broth actually exists all over the world with different versions such as the Brodo (Italian broth), Japanese ramen, Vietnamese pho or the Thai version such as the Kom Kha Gai prepared with coconut milk, ginger and chicken. Here is the recipe.

How to prepare it? The hardest part is probably to get the bones and for this we would certainly opt for the organic beef range and whole chicken that we can now find more easily on supermarket shelves in the city. Once simmered, you can easily store your broth up to 5 days in the fridge or 6 months in your freezer.

Here is an infographic with the basic steps for you to prepare and store your homemade bone broth.

Easy and Healthy bone broth Infographic

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