Nike midnight run Dubai

Nike in Dubai organizes Midnight Mile for runners to crush their personal best in a mile.

If you are serious about running outdoors then even the sweltering heat outside can’t stop you.  The good news is that you aren’t the only one who wants to still be running outside.  Nike in Dubai is organising a series of Midnight Mile runs to encourage all the Dubai runners our there to crush their personal best in a mile.

Beat the heat and show them how fast you can actually run.  The run is spread all over Dubai and each time the location is different.  The Nike Midnight Run was last hosted at Ittihad Park on Palm Jumeirah and the upcoming one on 20th August is at Zabeel Park.  Each location is announced closer to the date.

A fun way to keep up with your fitness and also meet like-minded running buffs.  The challenge is open to the public and all you really need to do is log on to the website and register for the next run.

Registration is now open for the next Midnight Run at Zabeel Park on 20th August 2015.

Nike+Run Club Midnight Run details can be found on the link below:

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