freediving in the uae

The Freediving Club is an academy for edu­ca­tion, instruc­tion, coach­ing, and training of free diving in Dubai.

We have always been curious about free diving.  Although an intimidating concept, it is the only way to really enjoy the ocean and connect with life in the sea without the help of intrusive equipment.

So what exactly is free diving and how does one actually learn how to do it?

Free diving requires that you rely solely on your own breath and ability to go down into the ocean-so there is no equipment involved.  To put it simple, holding your breath underwater is a form of free diving, but that is not all.  Free diving is not just about how long you can hold your breath when you dive under water, instead it is all about being in sun with your mind and body and creating a patter to help you free dive.

The Freedivng Club of Dubai offers classes and a complete education and training starting for divers as young as 8 years old to start learning the techniques.  All the classes follow AIDA (Asso­ci­a­tion Inter­na­tionale pour le Développe­ment de l’Apnée) stan­dards, rules, and regulations.

The Dubai marine life is diverse and rich-filled with all types of exotic fish that are worth exploring.  So, if you want to get up close and personal without being distracted and weighed down by heavy equipment then free diving lessons are what you need to move forward.

Freediving Club

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