All you wanted to know about Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi theme indoor park.

After the tremendous opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi in November 2017, the Capital of Abu Dhabi is about to reach another milestone with the opening of Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest Warner Bros. indoor theme park. With Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, Yas Mall or Louvre Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is definitely enriching its tourism offering and on the way to establish itself as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

Get ready if you live in the UAE as the park looks stunning and will surely become a weekend destination to entertain the whole family with friends and visitors.

The park will open its doors to the public on Wednesday 25th of July 2018. By the way, the website is already live and you can start booking your spot for a summer visit.

We were lucky enough to attend the media preview and got a first sneak peek inside the park with Don, Deputy manager at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi.

The park is divided into six immersive lands that include Bedrock, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Dynamite Gulch and Warner Bros. Plaza.

The 1.65 million sq ft park promises to deliver guests with captivating experiences, bringing together some of the world’s most iconic characters and stories under one roof for the first time in the region.

Featuring a total of 29 state-of-the-art rides, interactive family-friendly attractions and unique live entertainment, as well as a variety of authentically themed dining (16 restaurants) and shopping outlets, the park’s incredibly immersive environments, unique thrill rides and fan-favorite characters – including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman to Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and many more …with a total of 50 characters- will create a truly unparalleled experience for all who visit.

Let’s explore the six lands



Upon arrival, guests will discover an Art-Deco inspired land that celebrates the Golden Age of Hollywood and all things Warner Bros. A portal to the rest of the park, this land is famed for its All-Star Spectacular, a majestic show that brings the Warner Bros. film library to life.


Bedrock Land Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

Kids will have a splash discovering pre-historic Bedrock and its river and will meet everyone’s favorite modern stone-age family, The Flintstones.


Bedrock Land at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

A few steps away, we saw many adult faces getting large smiles as childhood memories come to the surface while exploring this land with beloved characters including Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby-Doo here and there.

Dynamite Gulch Land at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi
Remember Road Runner, Wyle E. Coyote or Yosomite Sam? You’re in luck as these famous characters will also be part of the fun and visitors will get more familiar with these characters in this land. The decor is quaint and transports you to a cartoony version of the Southwest American desert featuring these animated favorites.


Metropolis Land At Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

As guests step through to this land of Metropolis, they will discover a gleaming urban landscape protected from evil by DC Super Heroes like Superman and other members of the Justice League including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman.

Metropolis Collage at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi


Gotham City Land

Darks streets, a huge Joker Face, Scarecrow or Batman, an impressive flying saucer will await visitors in this zone and promise thrill and fun.

Tickets for general admission cost 230AED for junior* and 295 AED per adult. There is also an annual pass priced at 695 AED. Children under 3 years old have free entry. For more information, you can call +971 2 612 93 33 or email


Credit Images:
Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi on top and Abu Dhabi Confidential for all the other images

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