Imagine opening an envelope and finding inside a card with its own mini TV screen. Sounds futuristic? Well not anymore, as Dubai company The Card Co has made it possible with their incredible TV Cards.

Each A5 card features a high-resolution HD screen and twin stereo speakers. This is all in miniature form, with each screen weighing just 216g – but the screen allows a film up to an impressive 4GB, with up to 8 hours battery time and recharge option through a USB.

As you’d expect, the cards come with a fairly hefty price tag and minimum order of 50 – but if you are planning a wedding with limitless budget, organising a once-in-a-lifetime birthday or anniversary event, or arranging the launch of a new business or product in the Middle East, we can’t think of a more impressive way to invite people.

The cards themselves are stunning too, made from the finest paper sourced from Europe and North America and a choice of luxury finishing.

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