Breakfast at Ostro Dubai

Breakfast with a Meditterranean style

If you feel like starting your weekend on a relaxing note, then we have found the perfect intimate and cozy breakfast spot for you right here in Dubai. Centrally located in Barsha Heights, inside the new DusitD2 Kenz Hotel, Ostro is the place to head to.

Upon entering, we were hooked to the unique decor reminiscent of a trip to Provence in the South of France with linen tablecloths and napkins on the tables, along with lavender pots, shelves filled with off-white and grey jars, utensils, wooden chop boards and many other trinkets.

What make the decor so unique and stands out is the veranda style room dividers that give the room an airy and bright feel. It doesn’t take long to forget you are in the middle of the desert and immediately switch off.

In terms of the options to eat, guests can either pick the buffet breakfast – which we recommend – or just opt for a coffee and viennoiserie.

The buffet is not packed with choices, but everything displayed looks appetising and trust us you will feel like trying all the freshly homemade bites the chefs prepare as diners come along.

Breakfast Time at Ostro Mediterranean Dubai

Our egg frittata, bamboo shot curry and sweet potato tots – special of the day – were nice savory treats to start with.

What we also liked was the large corner dedicated to healthy food and nibbles. The corner was filled with many different dry fruits, nuts and also included yogurt and muesli displayed inside individual vintage jam jars. We enjoyed our elixir shot labelled as Dream apple and prepared with honey, apple and orange. We also noticed milks were nicely presented in glass bottles and included coconut milk for visitors on a non-dairy diet.

We also got to try one of the last Chef’s green juice prepared with kale, spinach and cucumber-the ideal healthy option for those who are watching their diet.

Healthy Green juice at Ostro Dubai

If you cannot resist viennoiseries, you will still find many different options including waffles, pancakes, danish pastries, bread loafs, croissants and more that pair well with the different cute jams displayed on every table.

To sum it up, it is definitely a cosy spot to visit and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Ostro is a place that will have you back for more in no time.

Breasfast at Ostro is served daily from 6am to 11am.
The buffet breakfast is priced at 96 AED and the continental breakfast costs 45AED.

OSTRO DUBAI | Barsha Heights, Dubai | Website

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