Snow Room in Dubai

You can now order a personal indoor snow room in Dubai.

If you are always complaining about the heat in Dubai then how does the idea of your own personal snow room sound to you?  Yes, this is now possible because Desert Snow, the region’s only specialist in winter solutions, is now providing indoor snow rooms.

The snow rooms are permanently installed rooms up to 12sqm, featuring an automated snowmaking system which produces soft, fluffy real snow from just air and water 365 days a year. According to Desert Snow, the idea was inspired by a tradition in Finland in which, after a sauna, people would go outdoors and roll in the snow to alleviate the sauna’s hot temperatures.

The combination of dry cold and real snow provides a wholesome and gentle atmosphere to cool down in. The release of endorphins is beneficial for pain receptors as well as relaxing, revitalizing and brightening one’s mood. The room also has added health benefits, such as increased energy, fat burning, detoxification, and reduction in the formation of wrinkles and cellulite.

The room’s range from -10°C to -18°C but of course the prices start at 400,000 AED.  An extremely expensive indulgence you can however head on over to the snow rooms at the Ottoman Spa in Jumeirah’s Zabeel Saray (+971 4 453 0455) or Le Meridien (+ 971 4 217 0000) and try it if you book any spa treatments.



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