Octoos is a distinct digital platform aiming to connect local talents with explorers to live unparalleled experiences.

Octoos believes that exploring a city is not to be summed up to a “must-see” list of famous landmarks.  It goes far beyond this.

Today, travellers, day-trippers and curious residents are more and more interested in discovering a city’s culture through locals’ eyes. Octoos is the ideal online place for this. Explorers will find here activities put forward by local Talents eager to share their knowledge and passion.  They will live the city in an unrivalled way that will create long-lasting memories.

Octoos offers an array of experiences for an Explorer to feel the genuine essence of the city. An enriching journey filled with priceless and peerless emotions, taking Explorers to partake local Talents lives.

Who are the talents?

Everyone has a talent, everyone has a story to tell. Talents are people who share what truly make them feel alive. Talents are acknowledged experts in their domain, be it a hobby or a sustainable source of income.
Octoos mission is to bring hidden talents up letting people fully express themselves and reaching out to a larger community of Explorers.



Easy and quick – Talents create a profile on detailing the experience they offer and all other relevant information.

While Talents have freedom of creation and choice of calendar and price, Octoos is also here to help and advise on how to present the activity at its best. The aggregating platform handles operational details leaving ample scope for Talents to focus on their expertise and to develop their offer. 

Explorers select the category they’re interested in and browse through the available experiences. Once choice is made, booking is simple with the creation of a nice and friendly profile to join the Octoos community of Explorers and Talents.

Eventually, in a natural manner, talent can also be explorer and vice versa. That is the beauty and power of encounters: one may be inspired by another and find the desire to dig up one’s hidden talent or the thirst to explore another experience.


The octopus is a perfect illustration of Octoos philosophy. Smart, friendly, the octopus has many tentacles like the many strings each one of us has on our bow. It is time for everyone to make the most of these strings, let them blossom and embrace the variety of cultures human race has to offer.

Octoos is strongly convinced that bringing people together on fertile ground is the gateway to an unprecedented evolution, that of an era where people will seek more connections, a geo-localized human community that brings life to a city. Telling one’s story through these experiences allows rubbing shoulders with the outside world and changing one’s perception of life, one’s inner self.

Sometimes you meet people who will change your life for the better! It is time to meet, exchange, share and thrive on our talents. Join the Octoos community!

#StayHome with Octoos online experiences

Because of the unprecedented situation we live, we need more than ever to stay connected. We stay at home but we stay curious. Octoos welcomes online activities for Talents to keep on creating and for Explorers to keep on discovering.

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