City Walk extension is now open.

We can’t help but drool over the unique design and layout of the City Walk extension. The latest new hotspot in town, it will be housing a total of 60 retail and leisure outlets, some of which are already open.

City Walk Indoor

City Walk Indoors

A totally cool design, it has a community space vibe-with an open outdoor arena.  While indoors the style is more contemporary (but very soothing with plenty of natural sunlight flooding in and background music of birds chirping) once you step outside, you will transported to a quintessential English setting.

There is plenty of retail to choose from including the first standalone stores in Dubai by Essentiel Antwerp from Belgium, American Vintage, New York based Rag and Bone, jewelry by Dinh Van from France and Karl Lagerfeld. We have already browsed through Maje, Sandro, Chantelle and Weekend Max Mara.

walk lane

English-Style Inspired Design


Bubo a Spanish Restaurant and Boutique

Bubo Spanish Restaurant and Boutique.

"Marhaba" at Brass

“Marhaba” at The Brass

The bar has been set high in terms of dining options. We have stopped at the superbly decorated, Scandinavian-design inspired coffee shop, The Brass and tried breakfast at the Spanish restaurant and boutique Bubo – that also carries a range of expensive but fine patisseries and chocolates.


Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe

Personally we love the design of Farzi Café-a modern Indian bistro that is set to open shortly.

One of New York’s most famous spots, Serendipity 3 known for its fun and playful dishes will be opening here also.

Graffiti Artwork

Graffiti Artwork

Reel Cinema and Hub Zero an Indoor video game park

Reel Cinemas and Hub Zero An Indoor Video Game Park

We are anxiously awaiting the opening of The Green Planet, the region’s first bio-dome recreating the captivating world of a tropical forest with a rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals and Hub Zero, the region’s first indoor video game park.
Reel Cinemas is already open.

Children will be delighted to hear about Mattel Play Town, an interactive indoor ‘eduplay’ area that will keep them busy.

Oh, and did we mention there is an underground parking for 1,800 cars?

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