The Green Ecostore in Dubai

An online retail store that turns our environmental care for the planet into eco-friendly and wise shopping

Labelled as a website that sells only earth-friendly products, we discovered an interesting array of eco-friendly items ranging from gadgets, bags and totes to office and stationery and much more.

Here are a few innovative products that caught our attention on The Green Ecostore website.

Reusable Sandwich Bag

The Snack Taxi Bag

Priced at 40 AED, this reusable sandwich bag is an excellent alternative to reduce your plastic sandwich bags consumption that harms the environment. The lifetime of such a bag replaces the equivalent of 1000 plastic ziplocker bags.

Solar powered backpack

Converter Solar Backpack

With the evolution of technology, these solar backpacks are innovative and allow you to recharge your devices inside your bag. By the way, these bags are made from recycled soda bottles. Price start at 825AED.

The plantable gift tag

Next time you need to refill your gift tag collection, check out these stylish ones. Sold in a pack of 6 (22 AED), they will turn into wild flowers after being planted.

Digital Shower Timers

Aqua Droplet Shower Time

This gadget is great to educate kids about the notion of saving water and helping them become aware that we can help save the planet even by being more careful while washing, cooking, cleaning with water. For each task, you have to evaluate and set up a specific amount of time needed and once your time is over an alarm will go off to inform you.

Surely a great website worth checking out where you may find ‘green‘ ideas and products for the whole family.
The Green Ecostore

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