Surf House Dubai offers surf/SUP, yoga and paddle classes along with a store for sports shopping and a coffee shop.

Discreetly located on Jumeirah Beach Road, Surf House Dubai has a very relaxed and chilled out vibe.  We stubbled upon it, not really knowing what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by what we found.  A group of friendly ‘surfers’ greeted us and were more than happy to show us around.

A one-stop shop for anyone who is into sports-skateboarding, kayaking, cycling, swimming etc there is a store filled with all types of accessories, clothing and sports gear.  We haven’t really found a collection of skateboards and kayaks anywhere else in Dubai, like the one available at Surf House.

We were also taken upstairs to the yoga room-they host regular yoga classes for adults and children.  So, if water sports are not really your thing, then there is still reason to head here.

There is also a coffee shop to hangout whilst getting familiar with the instructors and equipment.  The Surf House offers  plenty of surf and SUP classes for beginners and professionals.

There is a membership program for the surfing community and offers a lot of different benefits including surf board storage, discounts at the cafe, discounts at the surf shop and much more.

Surf House Dubai offers classes, rentals and shopping for all things related to surfing and even if you aren’t into aqua sports we think its a cool new find where you can order a coffee and enjoy the good vibes.

Surf House Dubai
Tel: +971 4 3211309

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