trampoline dubai
trampoline dubai
trampoline workout dubai

                                                                    Trampoline Workout Dubai

Jumpfit is a trampoline  workout that can burn over 600 calories per session.

Working out is always a chore-but that was before we found this highly energetic and fun fitness routine.  Yes, that’s right, we have discovered a workout that not only burns calories fast but is also very enjoyable.

Trampoline fitness is a fairly new concept in Dubai but of course you can count on us to find it here.  A one-hour session, the class usually begins with a light warm-up that consists of a lot of arm and leg movements, before jumping into the proper workout with lots of moves including squats, lunges and crunches-all on the trampoline.  Each routine is choreographed to a catchy song while doing the moves we were rolling with laughter whilst also sweating profusely.

The instructor encourages everyone to go at their own pace-so there is no need to stress if you are a trampoline or even exercise newbie.  The workout is known to strengthen the pelvic muscles and core.  It is also gentle on the knees and joints, making it much safer than other cardio workouts.

We personally love this muscle-toning cardio that will bounce us right back into shape.

Jumpfit (80 AED per session)
Optimal Fitness Dubai
Dubai Studio City
+9714-457 2048

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