outdoor yoga

Join the free three-hour group moonlight yoga event on Saturday March 28th from 6 to 9 PM.

Yoga has so many mental and physical benefits.  It not only improves your physical wellbeing but also relaxes the mind and gives you a sense of peace.  Its true that we often feel very intimidated by the idea of joining a yoga class, because not all of us are as flexible or fit.  But here is an event that is open to the public and worth checking out even if you are a newbie.

There is a free three hour group moonlight yoga event on Saturday, March 28th from 6-9pm.  Organized by FitRepublik, the idea is to get the community together and empower the people into setting and achieving goals.  The event also has a charity aspect to it and there will be donation boxes for raising funds or World Autism Day that is held on April 2nd every year.  All the money raised will be donated to Dubai Autism Schools.

So grab your mats and bring along your friends for an evening of yoga-oh, and refreshments will also be served at the end.

Outdoor Yoga in Dubai
March 28th, 6pm-9pm
Registration is mandatory
Football field adjacent to FitRepublik’s Olympic swimming pool building
For driving directions please visit:

Photo credit © Matt Madd

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