social media addiction

Checky is an iPhone and Android app that can tell you how many times you check your phone.

We are all guilty of constantly checking our phones.  Never wanting to miss out on that Whatsapp message, Snapchat from a friend or then see what is happening on Facebook timeline, we are all in some ways addicted to our phone because of social media.

But how addicted are we?  That is a question that we have often thought about but had no way of knowing-until we found Checky.  A free app that is available to download on iPhones and Androids, it gives you insight into your phone checking habit and helps you become more aware of how often you unlock and use your phone.  The numbers help make you more conscious of your obsessive phone habits and can help you make changes.

The stats can be compared with friends and shared over social media, including Facebook and Twitter-a way to perhaps embarrass you publicly and force you into decreasing the number.  Checky also tells you the exact locations where you have opened your phone-again something to think about if you are checking your phone while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Checky is definitely worth downloading if you too want to break the habit to keep checking your phone. 

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