Try out my30minutes fitness studio with German technology to minimise workout time, while giving maximum benefits.

Yes we found it!  The perfect alternative to spending hours in the gym, we have discovered a personal fitness training in Dubai that can leave you looking fit and healthy.  Wondering what we are talking about?  Recently we were invited to my30minutes, a personal fitness training studio located on Al Wasl.  Their name says it all-this is a quick workout that involves 5-minutes to change and then a 20-minute session that if done regularly will leave help you build muscle and endurance.


How exactly is this possible?  Well, my30minutes fitness studio uses Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to maximise workouts in just 30 minutes. Working out with EMS, 90% of muscle fibres are targeted versus only 40% during a traditional workout; meaning less time, more benefits.

The sessions begin with a complimentary consultation that includes a health and medical assessment, body composition test and nutritional guidelines.  The studio also helps determine personal health and fitness goals and designs the training sessions according to each individuals needs and goals.

Once the analysis is over it is time to put on the high-tech training suit that has wires that are directly connected to the EMS machine.  Throughout the session the highly qualified personal trainer offers step-by-step guidance in a private training area and it includes different exercise routines.  Once the 20 minutes are done there is 5-minutes of EMS body relaxation.

Albeit expensive (a trial session at my30minutes starts at AED 250; monthly packages are available) the results are impressive if the training is done on a regular basis.

Al Wasl Rd., Jumeirah 1,
Tel: +9714-385 5353

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