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Athena device

This new technology gives women a tool to enhance their personal safety, wherever they go.

It’s the kind of jewelry that could save your life—a wearable personal safety device that can send distress messages to emergency contacts. It’s called Athena. The device works with a specific app called ROAR, where you can post safety statuses for contacts to see. You pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth, then select family and friends who can monitor your status through the app or who can serve as emergency contacts.

Weighing only an ounce and measuring around 2 inches, Athena can be worn on or under clothing. You can clip it on your jacket, attach it to your purse, or even wear it as a pendant.

Pressing the button three times sends a distress message with your location to emergency contacts. Holding down the button for three seconds sends messages and also activates an alarm that rings out at 95 decibels, similar to a home fire alarm within a 10-foot distance.

Athena Device 2

The great thing about Athena and similar personal safety smart devices is that they can be used anywhere in the world, including the UAE. Although there may not be much need for them in the country, they’re perfect for travel. A high number of expat women travel for work and pleasure, so these devices are perfect for keeping loved ones updated on their safety wherever they go.



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