Imagine opening your door to discover Marilyn Monroe clutching a bunch of flowers on your doorstep, or a lifesize Tigger with a bunch of coloured balloons, or a Disney Princess with a box of delicious chocolates… It would certainly put a smile on your face – and that’s exactly what company Smile Factory aims to do.

The Dubai-based company will arrange for a character to deliver a card or gift to a lucky recipient in person, at a time and date decided by you. Belle from Beauty and the Beast could arrive at your child’s party, Audrey Hepburn could visit your boss at work, or a duo of Arabian Princesses could deliver a card to a friend or relative on the morning of their birthday. Better still, a photographer will arrive with the character to capture the moment of delivery on camera!

OK, so we admit that the idea is a little naff and may embarrass certain people, but it certainly puts a new twist on home deliveries. We think it works especially well for children.

It’s not cheap, with prices starting at 400 AED for the delivery (plus the price of your gift) – but if you know someone who would enjoy this kind of appearance, it will make their day very memorable.

Mob: 05 08544 308
Tel: +971 4 3686044


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