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Capture memories of your life in Dubai in a box.

Ever wanted to capture a special place or moment in your life and frame it, so you can look back and remember it every day? Locally run business Miniature Memoirs offers that exact service, capturing your life, hobbies, and home in a framed, scaled-down version.

The boxes are all bespoke pieces that are ordered on an individual basis. The process starts with the company sending a questionnaire to be filled out. This provides the information they need to get to know you, including details of hobbies, tastes, interests, and family. You are also invited to share any important memories or photographs.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the company will find out what you would like represented in the frame (each box can contain up to six different themes and measures 43 x 43cm), with each item chosen with your approval. Finally, the company will send you a rough map of how the items will be placed in the frame – and once you have approved it, they will go ahead and place the order.

All the pieces are a work of art, but our favourites are the baby boxes that contain specific items belonging to the baby and his or her nursery. It’s the perfect way to seal memories of early days in a box and keep them forever.

Timeless, sentimental, and the perfect gift for friends.

Standard boxes cost 1500 AED and take 2-3 weeks for delivery, with prices increasing for specific pieces that might be harder to source. The display box is covered with glass and is perfect for hanging on a large wall.

Miniature Memoirs

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