Travelling to the best part of Oman over Eid Break

It’s that time of year again when, with a few extra day’s leisure to fill, ideas of mini breaks and short getaways begin to surface. For holidaymakers, however, Eid can present something of a conundrum. If you don’t have the time or sufficient number of leftover leave days to extend it to a whole week, the pool of potential vacation spots shrinks significantly. That’s where staycations come in.

Oman is the ideal destination within driving distance and easily accessible, it is perfectly adapted for mini breaks of all kinds.

If time is tight go only for a day visiting Wadi Kitnah, near Al Ain. Once one of the most popular wadis for UAE day-trippers (until the Omani government erected a border post demanding passport, visa and Omani car insurance to pass) It’s worth the bureaucratic hoop-jumping.
There are now less people thronging around Wadi Kitnah over Eid, rewarding those who do make the effort with the space and silence to really enjoy this beautiful spot.

Wadi in Oman

Those who want to explore a little further into the beautiful Oman landscape Platinum Heritage runs a range of luxury tours and safaris across Oman, with options such as the Wildlife Drive and Bedouin Breakfast, the Falconry and Wildlife Safari and the Conservation Drive. You can also sign up for a night safari and explore the desert after dark while enjoying the stunning celestial scenery overhead…
What better way to leave city life behind and lose yourself for a moment in the wonders of the natural world?

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