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wall art

A website with high quality prints with different themes for both men and women

Tired of looking for wall art that is affordable and unique? Call of the search because we just found an uber-cool website that can help add a new life to your otherwise dull walls. Ideal for a casual living space or study room we love their wide range of high quality prints that come signed by the artist.

With so many different themes of posters to pick from including food, sports and tech we have made it easier by shortlisting our all-time favorites.

The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet: Who doesn’t envy the shoe collection of Carrie Bradshaw? Check out this print with 50 of the most iconic shoes worn by this uber-fashionable fictional character.

The Chart of Famous Eyewear: Remember the John Lenon round spectacles and Elvis’s aviators? The poster is an illustration of eyewear of some of the icons from past eras all the way to the present time.

A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston’s haircut started a cult following and the poster cleverly depicts other famous Hollywood celebrity hairstyles that have been loved and hated by the world!

These great conversation starters cost an average of $28 and are sent rolled up in a solid casing that can be shipped directly to the UAE.

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