Tea lovers will agree that there are few things more enjoyable in life than a cup of calming brew – and those in Dubai are in luck, as we have discovered a store that will fill their kitchen cupboards with endless different blends.

Tea For You, which sells over 100 different varieties of tea, has recently opened in TECOM. Whether you prefer green, white, black, or herbal tea, there will be something to tempt you from the shelves, along with fun fruity blends for kids. We spotted no less than six Darjeeling teas from the Himalayas and 12 different flower teas that blossom in the water.

The thing we were most excited about, however, is that the store offers customers the chance to design their own custom blend of tea. You start by making the base with black, green, or white tea, which can then be blended with herbs (perhaps mint or ginseng), flowers (perhaps chamomile or rose), or dried fruits (perhaps orange or blueberry). Once created, the tea will be named after you. If you know somebody who loves a cup of tea even more than yourself, it would make a very special gift.

The tea-making experience will also teach you how to make a proper cup of tea – a fine art that requires the perfect water temperature and number of leaves.

The tea at Tea For You is mainly from China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India. Tea is packaged in 50g and 100g packets, with prices ranging from 10 to 60 AED per 50g.

Tea for You, Shop No.6, Thuraya Telecommunications Tower, TECOM, Dubai
+971 4457 2575


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