doll from dumye
doll from dumye

Little girls love dolls, and we must confess so do we, especially those made for a good cause.  Dumye, is a local homegrown concept, working with organizations to improve the life of orphaned children living in poverty.

Dumye offers affordable and beautifully handcrafted rag dolls, you can order according to your own preferences.   Everything from the look, design and the purpose can be tailor-made.  For every order you place, Dumye gifts a doll to a needy child associated with one of the many donor organizations they partner with.

Each doll is handmade by the founder of Dumye, Sahar Waheb and her small team of craftsman.  They ensure the dolls are constructed with eco-friendly, organic materials and natural dyes that are machine-washable.

Dumye dolls are classic and one of a kind.  They make perfect gifts that are socially conscious and contribute towards improving our society, so why not placing an order today?


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