Download Throwback on your iPhone or Android to throw your memories into the future.

Do photos make you nostalgic?  If like us, you too get a little emotional or even teary-eyed when revisiting a photo of an event or a significant moment in your life then there is an app is for you to download-if you have an iPhone or an Android.

Throwback, a free app we have recently discovered provides a unique opportunity to forget your memories so they can be remembered again in the future.

Simply take a photo with your Smartphone using Throwback, and the photo will not be saved in your phone but instead thrown into your future!  Or then take a photo from your own photo album and sign into Throwback and designate who the photo should be sent to based on email addresses from your contacts list, and after that it’s just a waiting game.

The app will email you and your chosen circle of friends the photo at a random time – anywhere between one month to 5 years later.

This is a fun and quirky way to surprise yourself and relive a distant (or not so distant) memory.

So, snap a photo and let’s find out when they will come back to you- in 30 days or 5 years?


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