Here are a couple of ideas that could be interesting to implement if you are in a DIY mood and would like to add your own touch to the garden décor. 

Create your own upcycled outdoor couch for those lazy weekends at home home by giving it a cool touch with wood, cinderblocks, pinch of color and a nice fabric. 

DIY outdoor couch

Source : Lenasekine blog


Add a touch of color and fun in your backyard for a season…

DIY colorful tiles in the garden

Source : a beautiful mess


And also some shade…

 DIY outdoor shaded roof


Kids will love these Thursday evening homemade outdoor movies

DIY outdoor movie screen

Visit this website for more info 


 And BTW these pillows look perfect for your outdoor movies.

DIY outdoor movie pillows

Designed by Joon Jung – via decor8blog


Thanks to this pragmatic tip, your garden won’t ever look untameable and people may think you have mastered the art of gardening. Let them believe so…

DIY outdoor garden

Source : Gardenideapicture and townmouse


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