The new studio offers a variety of specialized classes, ensuring no workout is ever the same.

XFit 3-in-1 studio in Town Centre, brings together three unique concepts including lifting, boxing and high-intensity conditioning. Scaling new heights of fitness innovation and expertise, the new studio offers a variety of specialised classes, ensuring no workout is ever the same.

With three studios in one place; also known as ‘The Box’, each studio covers three zones: LIFT, BOX and HIIT, all of which guarantee a unique variety of fun, high intensity and dynamic workouts, designed to achieve maximum results in a short space of time.

XFit members can choose from over 10 specialist classes including X60, BOXX, Smash and Lift, that are proven to improve your cardio and overall agility to ensure you get fit, fast and lean. Each class is designed to create physical change, improve movement skills and build confidence and offers a unique and tailored approach to working out.

The dynamic XFit coaches offer a full range of motion, warm-up movements to complement specific classes and adapt workout movements to match individual capabilities. Throughout group classes one-on-one coaching is offered to help improve performance and understanding of individual physical abilities, to ensure personal goals are achieved.

With different classes available daily, the new XFit studio provides the very best of fitness variety and tailors weekly programmes to maximize large muscle groups, focusing on compound and dynamic movements to improve overall skill sets. At the new XFit studio members also have the added benefit of managing their own programmes during the week to help improve their strength and areas of development.

Located in Town Centre, the new XFit studio caters to everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes and fitness fanatics whilst providing a supportive, one-of-a-kind fitness community like no other.

With classes offered at various times throughout the day, members can sweat it out before or after work, during lunch or even over the weekend; either way, there is a slot guaranteed to fit around any busy schedule.

The XFit concept ensures that no single class is ever the same and helps members become ‘the best version of themselves’.

XFIT is located in the Emirates Living Town Centre, and this is their number: +9714 439 2323


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