After hearing amazing things about the treatment in Europe and the US, we’ve been hunting for a clinic offering Coolsculpting in the UAE for months – and we’ve finally struck gold in Healthcare City…

If you have persistent love handles, wobbly thighs, or a tummy that is less-than-flat, this is the treatment for you – especially if the words “general anaesthetic” or “recovery time” fill you with dread. A non-evasive alternative to liposuction, Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved fat reducing treatment created by Zeltiq, which promises to diminish localized fat by 20 to 30%

So, how does it work? The machine selects the fat and cools it to just above freezing point. The targeted fat cells are then processed out of the body in the weeks that follow the treatment and the circumference of the area shrinks.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, magic has its price and the treatment starts at 3500 AED for one area. If you have the hang-ups and the spare funds, however, there are few better ways to boost confidence in your body without going under the knife. The dermatologist that we saw (Burcu Barutcuoglu Hurbas) was extremely professional and patient, whilst the staff were very friendly.

We have been promised that readers will get a significant discount by mentioning Dubai Confidential, so try your luck and keep us posted (please note that we don’t financially benefit from this and have not been paid to write this article!)

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
Healthcare city
Tel: 04423 7601

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