We’ve always been fairly skeptical of Ginger, with its spicy flavour and odd shape – but having heard of its benefits, we cautiously decided to try a glass of Ginger Juice (18 AED) at Moroccan Restaurant Mogador on Marina Walk.

Much to our surprise, it tasted refreshingly cool and was the perfect thirst quencher for the unbearable heat. The pure ginger juice is mixed with lemon, which adds a tart twist and breaks down the spicy flavour of the ginger. We recommend adding a dash of sugar to sweeten the sharpness, but still enjoy the juice.

Ginger is a rich antioxidant that is known for its numerous healing qualities. It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a booster on the immune system. That’s enough of a reason for us – and next time we are in the Marina, we will definitely be opting for a ginger juice over our usual coffee.

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Marina Walk
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