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Hapi Dubai

Hapi is located in Al Serkal Avenue and is more than just a diner offering wholesome food.

Al Serkal Avenue is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Dubai.  A thriving arts and culture hotspot, we love the cozy community vibe it offers.

Hapi is a holistic lifestyle space located inside Al Serkal Avenue.  It is the brainchild of celebrity Chef and TV Presenter Paul Frangie-you will always find him working hard behind the open kitchen counter, no matter what time of day you head there.

This community center combines an all-day diner, a movement facility and a yoga studio

Hapi’s self-service diner serves good, wholesome food. The menu combines locally sourced, quality ingredients with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours .  They also have organic chicken and beef bone broth.  All the dishes are full of flavor, we loved the grilled chicken) and is served very fast.

Don’t leave without trying their artisan coffee and indulgent homemade ice-cream.

There is a movement facility that encourages people to move mindfully and intelligently.  Head on there to reconnect with your body’s true potential.  You can sign up for parkour and yoga lessons.

We love Hapi not just because of its relaxed vibe but because it inspires the community to live better through good food, mindful exercise, and active leisure.


42 Al Serkal Avenue





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