This firm massage will leave you ready to take on the world!

Do you have days when you feel like both your body and mind are just falling apart? Although rest is the obvious answer, a little more pampering like getting a massage can make a huge difference.

We recently tried the Energy Healing Massage because lately we had been feeling extremely drained and totally out of our element. Our review was set up in The Greens location-this cozy spot is the one closest to us.

The treatment began with a quick consultation where we let the therapist know we wanted this to be a massage with heavy pressure and special attention to our aching shoulders.

Each area was massaged with long gentle strokes to prepare the muscles followed by intense deep kneads.

Using generous amounts of Chamomile Oil and focusing on the pressure points across the body, other massage techniques included pulling and stretching. We kept drifting in and out of sleep throughout the 90 minutes.

The head and face massage were perhaps our favorite part-the therapist focused on all the pressure points and helped ease the tension around our jaw and across the forehead.

The massage covers every inch of the body and helps to rebalance the Chakras. This full body and head massage is a true experience in clearing energy blocks.

This 90-minute journey is restorative and nourishing both physically and spiritually.

Energy Healing Massage (90 minutes) is available at Tips & Toes and is priced at 336 AED.

Tips & Toes is located across different areas in Dubai. To get the details log on to their website or further details by calling 04 399 0550.

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