greentruck recycling dubai
greentruck recycling dubai

Green Truck is an affordable and convenient transportation service that provides private homes with bins to discard all recyclable items.

For those of you, who like us are constantly making a conscious effort to save the environment, then Green Truck is that one of a kind service that gives recycling bins in Dubai to participate in recycling your waste materials.

Designed for Dubai villa communities to connect with local manufacturing factories that use recyclables items as raw materials for production, Green Truck provides every registered customer with a free bin.  The residents are given a weekly schedule and the filled bin is picked up by the company on their assigned date and time.  Once the items have been picked up Green Truck carefully segregates the items according to their different categories before forwarding them onto the local factories that can use them.

They accept all recyclable items including plastic, paper, glass and even electronics-so feel free to add them all to your bin because they will find themselves a new life.

Green Truck is simple idea that is helping communities around Dubai adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Green Truck


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