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Groopic is a genius app that allows you to add the photographer into the photo

Family holiday photos are always incomplete with one member of the family as the designated photographer.  But with Groopic, a genius app we just downloaded, the photographer will also be included in the shot without using photoshop.  Hard to believe but Groopic really dos solve the problem of trying to make sure everyone is included in a photo.

Easy to use, it requires you to take two snapshots and mark the photographer in each of them.  The app will then seamlessly combine the two photos and give you a complete group shot.  All you need to do is make sure you leave space for the photographer in the first photo and this first picture is inlayed into the live view feed and all you need to do is make sure the alignment is straight before you click.  The app will then merge the two photos and complete the group by merging the two photographers.  It couldn’t get simpler than that!

Thanks to Groopic app our photos look more natural since we aren’t awkwardly posing for photos by a stranger we found walking down the street!

Groopic is available for download on Itunes


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