Kamut in Dubai

Kamut is a healthy alternative to conventional wheat

You probably are not eating it yet, but we have just discovered Kamut, an amazing alternative to wheat that deserves to be in your diet! We recently stumbled upon this ancient grain native to Egypt, also known as Khorasan wheat or Pharaoh grain, that has superfood status. And good news, it is easy to find in Dubai, so read on.

Wondering how Kamut is different from other grains?

Let’s not go into the deep and technical details but basically Kamut contains 30 percent more protein than conventional wheat and has 65 percent more amino acids. It’s also rich in zinc, magnesium and vitamin E and is considered a high-energy grain that is known to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar. Oh, and that’s not all, it also contains selenium which is an antioxidant.  Commonly referred to as the ‘high-energy wheat (that is lower in gluten than modern wheat) Kamut is easier to digest for those who are wheat intolerant.

The rich and nutty flavour of Kamut makes it ideal to use as a substitute for rice and is a wonderful addition in soups, salads, casseroles and pilafs.  Kamut porridge is a very healthy and filling breakfast that can be made easily by processing the grains in the blender or food processor.

Convinced and want to try it out? Kamut is available in Dubai.


© Image: Bohemian Kate


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