Our dairy-free picks in Dubai

Even though we have observed a huge improvement in the variety of dairy-free products in Dubai, it’s always handy to have more options. That’s how we came up with this list of dairy free products that you should know about.

Dairy free Ice-cream

Nobo Ice Cream

Imagine an ice cream made without milk, eggs, gluten, sugar and additives. Well, Nobò, which means ‘no cow’ in Irish has created this dairy-free frozen dessert and the ingredients are quite surprising. Their ice creams are indeed prepared with coconut milk, avocado, sweetened with honey.

This dessert has arrived on our shelves in Dubai and we bought some at Waitrose Al Thanya and Marina Mall. You can get them in 500ml packs and they come in different flavors such as Vanilla & Coconut and Irish Salted Caramel.

Dairy free Chocolate

conscious chocolateIt took us a while before getting our hands on dairy-free chocolate bars in Dubai. But the result didn’t disappoint. We finally discovered ‘Conscious Chocolates‘, a brand sold at Organic Foods and Café that proposes different flavors. Their raw, hand-made chocolate is certified as organic, and is free from gluten, dairy and soya, sweetened with agave nectar. You can enjoy it plain -made with maca vanilla pods and wild blue-green algae – or flavored with essential oil of rose, or even essentials oils of orange and tangerine.

These 50g chocolate bars are priced at 18.25 AED online.

Organic Foods and Café –

Dairy free Yogurts

Have you already tasted the Coco Yogo in Dubai?  Coco Yogo is a naturally dairy-free, guilt free, vegan friendly, raw food substitute to dairy.  The creamy goodness of Coco Yogo can be combined with any fruit compotes. Healthy food usually comes with a hefty price though and Coco Yogo costs 15 AED per pot. They also have a range of 5 dairy free cheesecakes flavoured with agave syrup, fresh strawberry compote mix over cashew cream filling with a subtle hint of coconut and base of gluten free almond mixture (25 AED per unit).

Coco Yogo is available online at

Dairy free butter

nut butterLooking to substitute butter in your dairy-free diet? Most supermarkets in Dubai now sell different substitutes such as cashew butter, almond butter or coconut butter. You can also order raw organic cacao butter online from Down To Earth Organic (74 AED for 250g).

Benecol Light is also a good option if you are looking for a dairy-free spread and is usually available at Spinneys.

Raw Bites stocks raw cashew nuts and raw hazelnut butter (170g at 39 AED each) and raw coconut butter with vanilla and salt (45 AED for 250ml).

Down To Earth Organic –
Raw Bites –

Dairy-free milk

Almond Milk RecipeFor your milk intake, there now is a lot more on the market with soya, rice, almond or coconut milk. Organic Foods and Café now also sells different organic drinks such as Spelt drink (14.24 AED for 1 liter), Kamut drink with goji berries or quinoa milk to diversify your options. As theses are still quite expensive actually, here is our almond milk recipe that is easy to prepare with no additives and it tastes good!

Dairy-free cream

If you love adding a hint of cream to your recipes and cannot use regular creams, just check the Sojade liquid soya cream usually sold at Organic Foods and Café. It is ideal for any kind of cooking and costs 12 AED online for 200 grams.



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